Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Blog

Thank you Josephine Wall for your beautiful work!

Hello to any wandering souls here in Blog Land. If you have an interest in what I am writing/sharing these days, you can find me over at "Waking up on Earth".

Happy wandering!

Eileen Meyer (Em)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Exploring Now

Hello dear friends. I know I have been slowing down here over the past few months, but it's because life has been taking me in new directions. I'll be spending a lot more time in Northern New Mexico starting this summer - doing some teaching, recording, and spiritual (inspirational) work. I will blog again... from some future time... some future where... some future view.

My best to you,

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Headed for Wholeness

Over the past three days I have been feeling an intensity of energy building in and around me. It's almost overwhelming at times. Being empathic, I've noticed that my body is very much attuned to the collective human feelings as well as to Mother Earth. I'm not one for making predictions but I do feel like something is up. It is more important now than ever to tune into the natural world and recall our instincts. It is instinct that will allow us to move with Mother Earth now in her necessary shift towards wholeness. Make no mistake about it, humans are headed for wholeness too - whether we're going consciously or not.

I am thankful that humanity is seeing and appreciating the Earth more these days, but it isn't just about recycling our cans and bottles. It's about reconnecting and feeling the larger pulse of Creation within our own heart - whether we're a soldier on the battlefield, a scientist in the laboratory, a teacher, a student, a politician, a terrorist, or a weatherman - soon we'll all be coming home to roost in a larger truth; a larger life; a peaceful heart - just like the trees, the flowers and the birds.

I had to chuckle during the democratic debate on TV this afternoon. Senator Biden was trying to put down Congressman Kucinich by referring to his global and universal message as "happy talk". I don't remember exactly what he said, but Biden wanted to remind us that the world is an ugly, scary place. You know, like the current administration does for us every day? Senator Biden, it's your choice, but you may have just bought your ticket - front row and center - to the ugly, scary world you insist on perpetuating. It's not too late to change your mind! I've got an empathic hunch that there are millions of us now who are climbing on board the "happy train".

I grabbed my camera this afternoon and went to the park for a reminder of nature's beauty and balance. Now I have this video when I need to feel the pulse of nature and can't get out right away. I thought you might enjoy an under 3-minute trip to the "happy" park too.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Aloha Stroll

Did I ever post this video to my blog? I did a search but couldn't find it. I created this back in January of this year. I had decided to take my camera out to search for the man behind the death-threat e-mail that I had just received that morning. He said in the e-mail that he would be watching my every move and would not hesitate to carry out his orders to kill me at a moments notice. I never saw him, and well, I'm still here. I took the footage and transformed the whole event into something a bit more positive.

I thought it might be this guy so I asked him (thumbnail below). He just laughed and waved. I don't think it was him. I'm guessing assassins probably don't wear signs.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Healing the Body-Mind Chasm

I thought I would pass on a vision response that came from a healing session yesterday. There are times when the healing messages are directed to the collective of humanity versus the individual.

This was one of those cases.

A response translated from the "feeling language of the natural world" for someone who was injured and feeling a great deal of pain in her body.

It is simple. Whenever you feel pain from an illness or injury, it is your body's way of showing you the distance between what you have actually created - in terms of the current state of your physical body - and what you "think" your body should be capable of. If you feel like it, have a dialogue with the area of your body that is speaking the loudest (pain or discomfort) and state that you are conscious of this chasm between your actual physical state and your abstract mental version of your body and life.

Be watchful of any resistance you may have to avoid a direct communication with your dis-ease. In some cases, you may be unconsciously welcoming repeated patterns of "down time" because in the past you discovered that these limitations actually served you in some way. For instance, you may mentally convince yourself that you have so many important and busy tasks to perform because that is what is expected of you everyday; and the only way to finally get a reprieve or rest - which is actually your need to create distance between you and this growing awareness that your life is out of balance - is to produce the physical evidence that you cannot move. And because this evidence has physically manifested, it will be apparent to others around you and your rest will more than likely be supported. Understand though, that if you continue on this path of avoidance, your body will give in to your wishes to have this "down time" and provide more of that for you in the future than you might wish. There are healthier ways to rest, restore and return to a vibrant, healthy life, and it needn't be a long and drawn out process.

Your body wants to live in integrity with the force and vitality of All of Creation, or the Natural World; after all it's made of the stuff! As much as you would like it to, your body cannot maintain optimum health and integrity within the narrow confines of the abstract or conditioned human world. It is programmed for balance and wholeness - in partnership with you and All of Creation!
Ask out loud to be more connected to your body; state your intent to be healthy, strong, and consciously partnered with your body and its needs to be in alignment with All of Creation. Depending on your level of passion to be healthy, present, and in integrity with All of Creation, the wisdom of your body will respond with the necessary guidance. Give yourself the presence of heart to actually receive the messages and act upon them. Remember, you are not learning a whole new language here; you know this language, but you may have to practice it over time to re-call the present-moment, feeling language of your heart/body. At the very least, your body does provide you with "yes" and "no" energy - "yes" being the energy that opens and expands in response to a question or statement; "no" being the energy of closing down or shutting off. See if you can begin using this tool in your daily life - especially when you are honestly seeking the truth of what is best for you when presented with choices in your life that seem to come with the cloudiness of pain and confusion.

Say you live in California and you are uncertain about whether to take a "great" job on the East Coast. Logically, "on paper" as they say, it all looks good, but you find yourself hesitating and creating a cloud of uncertainty. Here's what you can do to break the spell. Breathe deeply. Quiet yourself. Feel your toes, your hands, your fingers, your knees, your gut, and any other body part that you suddenly become aware of. Now state out loud, "I am taking the job on the East Coast." Watch your body's response - without judgment! Just observe. When those feelings fade, state out loud, "I am staying here in California." Observe the feelings again. Did the feelings expand (yes) or contract (no)? You will refine this exercise and expand your abilities to discern through practice. The point is, begin to work with your body now - never against it - and your body will celebrate this conscious partnership by living fully with you in all ways.

In any moment of physical or emotional pain (present moment focus) there is an opportunity to not only restore to balance and health, but to continue to close the gap between the body and the mind (actual versus abstract) forever. On the other hand, if you choose to ignore the body's messages, the distance will become greater - in many ways like a marriage that will not survive if one of the partners is expected to continue to "perform" mechanized duties for the other when there is little to no actual effort in the direction of knowing your partner as an equal, conscious member of the team in your Earth life. If you take physical action or move in the direction of conscious balanced partnership, you are demonstrating to your body this powerful intention for optimum functioning in actual (not abstract) terms. Your body understands action. Action can only take place in the present moment. Whether you imagine your body to have greater capacities than it is currently able to provide, or whether you imagine your body to be fragile and incapable, the intentional return to an actual, healthy body/mind partnership is the same.

So if you get the ball rolling, All of Creation will provide the people and circumstances to assist you and support you with your new intention to be body-mind-spirit healthy on Earth. Creation will always respond by matching the power of your commitment and your level of passion to live a harmonious, balanced life. ALWAYS.